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UG Courses EXAM Date & TIME-

BAMC(Hons), BCOM & BCOM(Hons) Exam Date & TIME:- will announce soon

Hardware & Software Requirements for the SMSOET-2024

Hardware and Software requirements to appear in School of Management Sciences, Varanasi ONLINE ENTRANCE TEST-2024 (SMSOET-2024) for under graduate courses:

  1. Desktop/ Laptop with a web browser (Google Chrome/ Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox) only. (Do not use mobile phones to appear in SMSOET-2024 otherwise few features may not work and you will be responsible to cancel your candidature)
  2. Power backup till the examination duration so that your system can not shutdown should be ensured.
  3. Internet connection speed at least 512 kbps.
  4. The popup blocker should be Disabled.
    1. To know the process "Allow pop-ups in Google Chrome" CLICK HERE
    2. To know the process "Turn on/off pop-up Blocker in Internet Explorer" CLICK HERE
    3. To know the process "Turn on/off pop-up Blocker in Mozilla Firefox" CLICK HERE
Code of conduct to appear in SMSOET-2024
  1. You can start the SMSOET-2024 at the schedule time only not before that through our portal.
  2. SMSOET test duration is 60 minutes which will start from the scheduled start time and if someone appears in the entrance test after schedule time test duration will automatically be reduced for that candidate.
  3. Your keyboard and mouse right click will be blocked at the SMS VARANASI ONLINE ENTRANCE TEST-2021 portal therefore all inputs you have to give through the mouse left click only.
  4. Your candidature for the UG entrance test will be cancelled and not be allowed to login again if:
    a . Logged in once.
    b . Switch between the browser windows/ tabs.
    c . Close the examination portal in any case.
    d . Use of any browser option such as back, forward, refresh/ reload etc.

Important Instructions while appearing in the SMSOET - 2024

  1. All 75 Questions are Multiple Choice Questions. Each question will carry 2 marks for correct answer.
  2. Each Question will have four options as answers and participants are required to select the correct answer by clicking on the radio button.
  3. On click of the given options as answers, the background of question will become green color which indicates that you have given the answer of the particular question.
  4. Participants have the option to modify their answers by clicking on any other available option.
  5. Participants are allowed to USE MOUSE ONLY for giving this online test. Use of Keyboard is not permitted.
  6. To fill the FORM NUMBER and Password (candidate birth year i.e. 2001), participants will use the virtual keyboard which appears as an icon on the Candidate Login Screen.
  7. To start the test candidates must click on the link 'Start SMS VARANASI- ONLINE ENTRANCE TEST (SMSOET-2024)' after login.
  8. The test will automatically submit the selected answers at the end of alloted time of the test.